3 Monkeys Movie Review

Movie: 3 Monkeys
Release date: 7- 02 – 2020
Banner: Orugallu cine creations
Director: Anil kumar.G
Producer: Naresh.G
Co Producers: ARK, Mo Narala, Deepak jadav
Line producer: Krishna sai
Executive producer: Sai babu vasireddy
DPO: Sunny Domala
Music: G.Anil kumar
Editor: D.Uday kumar
Dialogues: Arun.V
Lyrics: Srimani

3 Monkeys, starring Getup Sreenu, Ram Prasad, and Sudigali Sudheer in the lead roles built good buzz with its intriguing teaser and trailer.

The film hit the big screens today amidst decent expectations. Read on to see if it has what it takes to keep the viewers engaged all the way through or not.


Santhosh(Sudheer), a marketing guy, Phani(Sreenu), an aspiring filmmaker, and Anand(Ram Prasad), a software engineer, are roommates, who get themselves neck deep into trouble after they are accused of murdering a girl. A police officer starts investigating the case and he demands bribe from the trio. However, the trio spend the money for a good cause and try to escape from the police officer. Related proceedings in this regard form the core plot of the film.


Sudheer, Sreenu, and Ram Prasad are popular faces on the small screens. They evoke good laughs when needed and deliver an equally good performance in emotional sequences as well.

The three noted actors, who are usually known for their comedy antics amaze with their acting in serious sequences and emotional blocks. Theses scenes were presented well.

The rest of the star cast do what is expected of them.


The first half of the film is filled with comedy scenes and they keep the audience hooked right from the word go. There is ample entertainment in the opening half.

The second half has more of a serious touch to it. There is a particular subplot where the trio is forced to take a life-changing decision and this was expected pretty well.

Also, the film has a crisp run-time which is another positive. The proceedings are narrated at a brisk pace which is essential to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Flash back episode in the beginning of the movie which connects curiosity till end The connectivity will surprise you

Final Verdict: 3 Monkeys is an enjoyable comedy drama, which has an emotional touch to it as well. The lead actors deliver to the best of their capabilities and that will please their fans and followers.

Rating: 3.5/5