A Aa Movie Review

Generally director Trivikram Srinivas has a separate fan base and they eagerly wait for Trivikram’s movies irrespective of hero, heroine and all. Trivikram unlike his previous flicks teamed up with Nithiin for A…Aa and Samantha has again grabbed a meaty role in Trivikram’s movie.

A…Aa released today with much expectations and audience are in need of a good movie badly as this Summer’s two big ticket films
failed to impress them. Let us see how A…Aa is..

Story :

Mahalakshmi (Nadiya) is more like a dictator to Anasuya (Samantha). Anasuya has to do what her mother dictates. She goes to his uncle’s house upon the suggestion of his father (Ramalingam). There she meets Anand Vihari (Nithiin). Anasuya falls in love with Vihari but he promises to marry Nagavalli (Anupama) under certain
circumstances.Upon returning to her house, Anasuya gets a marriage alliance too. How Vihari and Anasuya are together again and how problems faced by these families are solved forms the rest of story.

Performances :

Undoubtedly we can say this is the best performance from Nithiin in his career. He is subtle through out in his character yet made his
presence strongly. He has to emote with eyes in many scenes and Nithiin has done commendable job.

Samantha has got a meaty role, precisely she is the centralcharacter of the flick. She is lovable and gave a matured performance. She totally nailed the character.

Rao Ramesh is extremely hilarious in his role. Probably this is the role which only suits him. His diction, dialogue delivery and
expressions are just perfect. If not him, last 10 minutes of the film would definitely fell flat.

Naidya, Naresh are good in their roles. Srinivas Avasarala, Ajay, Praveen, Eeswari complemented lead character well. Anupama
Parameswaran has got a good debut in Tollywood. She is such a revelation in the film.

Technicalities :

Technically, A…Aa is rich. Cinematography by Nataraj is top notch. He beautifully captured village atmosphere. He used colours
intelligently and most of them are appealing to eyes. Mickey’s music is too good. Watching onscreen, his songs are elevated to
another level.

Editing is Okay. Few lags in second half can be chopped off. Special mention to art work, it is splendid, especially in Anasuya Kosam song. Production values are superb.

It is a kind of safe play by Trivikram Srinivas. He didnot try to preach anything here but made a light hearted film. Most of the scenes go entertaining which is a huge plus. He once shown his pen power.

Analysis :

Like said, Trivikram played safe game with A…Aa, With simple emotions and highly entertaining scenes, Trivikram drove the film with a well known story to Telugu audience. With screenplay he didnot try to weave magic but he made sure laughs will be generated through out the film.

Atleast, ratings for this film will be escalated by 0.5 points for the splendid show of Rao Ramesh in climax. Lot of punch dialogues in this last 10 minutes which is hilarious. Audience will leave theatres with a smile on face. Had Trivikram taken care on snail pace second half, A..Aa would have been appealing to every section of audience. Nevertheless it is a good one time watch for everyone.

PB Rating : 3.25/5