A Phenomenon called K Balachander

K. Balachander, a director who needs no introduction and has embossed his name in RED in the history of Indian cinema. A Legendary director with whom every director (even Vishwanath) wishes to learn by assisting him at least once in a life time. We watch movies and forget the same with little traces. And there are a few movies in which we not only enjoy the feel good factor but also cherish the story line, characters and the sublime relations portrayed in the movies. K Balachander is the one who has given such gem of movies.

K Balachander, a name associated with movies with real life situations. He gained recognition for unparalleled contribution to Indian cinema by dedicating his life it. No other director is unmatchable to him in showcasing the facts of life, women’s inner world, and male dominance in the pious relationship of marriage. With revolutionary cognitive processes he has the capability to peep through the hearts of the people which resulted in gifting us memorable movies.

Those are the times when directors like Satyajit Ray, Shyam Benegal and Mrunal Sen were absorbed with the so called Art movies while K Balachander, with his versatility made his mark in the history Indian Cinema.  He made films with contemporary subjects and infused a lot of commercial elements with flawless execution only to garner rave response from the audience.

We get see a new angle every time we watch Balachander’s movies. This is the sheer elegance a director should have! How a woman responds to the socio-emotional circumstances was magnificently portrayed by Balachander. In one of his all time classics, “Idhi Katha Kaadhu”, he showed his admiration on famous writer Chalam using one of his popular quotes for the introduction scene of the movie. This incident enunciates the adept knowledge Balachander has and how he used to look upon the writings of the poets or writers. When everyone was swept away with commercial formula movies, Balachander stood like an Idol who aspired to bring real life incidents incorporated into his movies.

There are no male and female leads in his movies as the situations itself will take the centre stage. With his different & noteworthy movies he won the hearts of millions of patrons and still hailed as the king of contemporary cinema.