After Rajamouli, it is now Ravi Babu’s animal

Actor turned director Ravi Babu debuted with the film Allari as a director. Ever since his debut Ravi Babu chose different path and made unique movies in his own style. Until now Ravi Babu has made either comical entertainers or horror thrillers.

But his credibility came to stake as his previous films Laddu Babu, Avunu 2 bombed at box office. now after taking much gap, Ravi Babu has made several discussions with Suresh Babu and is planning now a path breaking film with an animal taking the center stage.

Currently it is heard that Ravi Babu is reportedly in talks with several Hollywod technicians to make this product top class. There are not much details revealed but one thing is for sure that another Eega in making with another animal !!