Anasuya Is Better Than Rashmi

Jabardasth is the most popular TV show. The comedy show has given life for so many young comedians. Along with them popular TV hosts Anasuya Bharadwaj and Rashmi Gautham have also got benefited in one or the other way. Both Anasuya and Rashmi shot to fame with jabardasth and are doing great things in their respective careers. While Anasuya has planned her career very well in a disciplined way, Rashmi is accepting all the films that are coming her way. Rashmi has so many flops in career when compared to Anasuya. Anasuya did only one film so far and it is Kshanam.

What all Rashmi has grabbed with her back to back films is what Anasuya got with a single film and we are talking about fame here. Of late, Rashmi has been struck up with so many films but all of them are content less films. Considering the career graphs of both the actors, Anasuya is lot better than Rashmi.