Anjali Caught Up In Another Controversy

Basically she is a Telugu girl but she is famous in both Telugu and Tamil languages. In Telugu she acted for Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu in which she secured utmost popularity and is now working for 4 films in both Telugu and Tamil languages. She was dumped into a controversy by her aunt in the past but however she came out of that and is now busy working for films in a row.

Once again she got trapped in one more controversy. The film Maapillai Singam has started in Tamil during last year for which Anjali has given 54 days of call sheets. As the makers of the film did not utilise them properly she has to attend only half of those days and was requested by the makers for fresh dates to complete the talkie part. But as Anjali is busy shooting for Telugu films she requested them to shoot in Hyderabad. With this the Tamil team created a controversy on her saying that she is not co operating with the team for the film. For this, Anjali reacted by explaining the matter to the press also requested the media to stop negative comments on her.