AP youth challenges Tollywood actors

The protests going on in Tamil Nadu for banning Jallikattu has influenced the youth of AP so much. The posts in social media demanding special status for AP are getting huge responses. Tollywood actor and Janasena Party founder Pawan Kalyan said that he will completely support the youth protest for special status which is going to happen on 26th of this month at R.K.Beach, Visakhapatnam.

Another hero Varun Tej also gave his support in Twitter for the development of Telugu states and many Tollywood actors have joined the list one after the other. However the protest is aiming a direct question to all these actors.

AP youth challenged the actors to come visit their protest and prove the sincerity in their tweets. There is a reason behind this too. AP youth are obviously inspired by the unity of Tamilians in Jallikattu protests. So many Kollywood heroes have joined the protests and supported their people.

Not only supported but physically attended the protests. So youth of AP are warning that just showing the support by tweets is not enough and the entire Tollywood has to come forward to protest for the special status. It seems that Pawan Kalyan is attending the protest. The entire youth of AP is roaring for the special status of their state against all the castes, religions and political parties.