D16 Telugu Movie Review

Dhruvangal Pathinaru is one of the recent super hits in Kollywood. Young director Karthik Naren completed the shooting in just 28 days and released it on December 29th 2016. Even after so many weeks of release the movie the film is still running successfully in theatres. To make this blockbuster movie and make it much more closer to Telugu people, Chadalavada Padmavathi dubbed the movie and released as "16 – Every detail counts". Let’s see how this super hit crime thriller is doing in Tollywood.

Story :

The story starts with retired police officer Deepak. A young man who aspires to become a police comes to Deepak and asks him how the job is going to be and how to become a police. Deepak who lost his leg while investigating a case tells the young man but to become a police and narrates about a case that he investigated.

The case includes a murder, a hit and run and a woman missing. How Deepak investigated these three cases? What are the twists occurred during the investigation? How the three cases are related to each other? What truths he found out? How the case is justified? Forms the story.

Plus points :

The movie starts with the murder of a man and a woman in an apartment. Director Karthik Naren succeeded to maintain the suspense from the start to the end. He totally used his intelligence in making the audience stick to their chairs. He didn’t have any chance for the audience to guess the story at all.

Creating an obstacle in every point he narrated the story amazingly. The story and screenplay are very thrilling. We can say that he justified the crime thriller genre cent percent.

The entire first half revolves around police investigation scenes, their point of views in catching the criminals by not revealing the truth until the end of the movie. He surprised the audience in the second half by answering each and every question that left unanswered in the first half.

He gave the climax in such a way that amazed the audience. How the police officer should take his job responsibilities seriously, how the decisions taken in hurry leads to severe consequences are shown admirably. The main lead Rahman’s acting gave the serious feeling to the movie. Cinematography, background score also intensified the story well.

Minus points :

The important minus points in the entire movie are the logics in the first half which might not be understood by common people. B,C class people in the theatres might not like the movie because of the constant questions that are targetted towards the audience to find the solutions.

Though the second half answered all the questions people might still search for the answers which are left unanswered which is really upsetting.

If we say that the movie will definitely be a hit when the audience think more about the movie after seeing it then we can say that this movie is also a success. But the thoughts should be of admiration and shouldn’t be doubtful and confusing. The same happened in this movie too.

Technical team :

We can say that Karthik Naren as a director and as a writer succeeded about 99% in making the perfect crime thriller by adding brilliant content to the story and showing the same in the theatres.

Sujeeth Sarang cinematography, Jakes Bejoy’s background score, helped the movie so much. Sreejith Sarang’s editing supported the complex movie story. Sivaram Prasad Gogineni dialogues and the dubbing voices worked out well.

Judgement :

We can undoubtedly say that Karthik Naren’s ’16 – Every detail counts’ is a perfect crime thriller. He developed a good story. Excellent story, Rahman acting, good climax are the plus points in the movie whereas though the first half is good, the confusing story in the first half, scenes which can’t be understand till we think more about it, are the minus points.

Overall, audience that like crime, suspense, thrillers, investigations will definitely like the movie.

PB Rating : 3.25/5