Deva katta Stretched His Hand To Baahubali Rajamouli

Though Baahubali couldn’t give the charm in dialogues with two dialogue writers working for it. But it worked out at the war scenes like ‘Natho vachedevaru?’, ‘Chachedevaru?’, ‘Natho Chavuni datukuni natho Batikedevaru?’ Surprisingly these dialogues were written by the Director Deva Katta which came out very late. As it is known that Deva Katta has done awesome dialogue work for ‘Prasthanam’,’Auto nagar Surya’ like movies.

He has done this only on special request from Rajamouli to do the dialogue work at war episodes. That is the reason behind Rajamouli was thanking Deva in the title cards. So hopefully he might have contributed in the second part too with his mesmerising work. Let’s hope from him the best and although he is messed up with Dynamite movie.