Director Veerabhadram Chowdary Interview

Veerabhadram Chowdary has made a successful comeback with his latest film Chuttalabbayi starring Aadi and Namitha Pramod in the lead roles. Upon release, the film has been receiving a lot of appreciations from the critics and common audiences. The director has met media to share his experiences about the film. Check out our chat with him about the film and his next projects.

Support From Well-WIshers
I took a long gap in between for making this film. In the mean time, many of my well-wishers hoped that I make a strong comeback with a good and entertaining film. Many of my previous producers and other people were there to support me constantly and finally I made a good film with Chuttalabbayi.

Increase In Collections & Theatres
The Nizam distributor has called me and said that the film will collect 3 crores in 3 days. I am overwhelmed with all the response coming for the film. Day by day there is a hike in the collections. Many centers are observing packed houses. We released the film in 350 theatres and now the film is releasing in 100 more theatres. Amazing response is being generated from Vizag, East and West Godavari areas.

Positive Vibe On Chuttalabbayi
Apt title for our film helped us a lot. The interesting and catchy title has helped to reach the audiences. The teaser got amazing response in the beginning followed by the audio. There is a positive vibe on our film from the beginning.

Appreciations From Female Audiences
The film is being appreciated by the female audiences and family audiences. I am happy that they liked our film.

VeeraBhadram Is Back
Everyone is saying that Veerabhadram is back. This is giving me a lot of confidence. I made this film with a determination of scoring a hit. At the same time, people also telling that I gave success to Aadi who is waiting for it for a long time.

Sai Kumar as Dorababu
When I first narrated Dorababu character, Sai Kumar garu instantly showed interest to play it in the film. He liked the role a lot and immediately came forward to play that without any hesitations. I asked for a day time to think about it and made few changes to suit it for his stature and image. Today, fans are happy to watch both Aadi and Sai Kumar together on screen.

Success Tour
Central minister Venkaiah Naidu garu watched the film and appreciated us. Directors association has also congratulated me on the success. We are also planning success tour.

Upcoming projects
As of now, few projects were in discussions and it is too early to disclose the details. I will announce my next film very soon!