Heroes To Cut Down Remunerations?

The current breaking news in the entire Indian nation is regarding the scrap of 500 and 1000 rupees. The film industry is also seriously discussing about this news and many other discussions have been coming in about the money fall in the making of the film. Actually, a lot of money is involved in film making., The producers has to pay lots of remunerations to the actors, directions and other technicians. It is a open fact that a lot of black money is getting involved in the film making. In Telugu, we have seen such cases several times.

Meanwhile, with the latest developments happening in Indian economy, the costs involved in films might also come down. The buzz reveals that the actors have started worrying about the remunerations and they even started accepting less remunerations. Even some small heroes have given back their advances too. With this, the heroes remunerations might come down in Tollywood.