Hora Hori Movie Review

Hora Hori Movie Review : Though Director Teja has given many flops but hopes on him were in peaks by the audience. How many love stories he makes..failures he might bag but there are some hopes on him that he will do a miracle for his fans. That is the reason why Hora Hori from his direction has got some craze. It was okay by the music and came at last in front of the audiences. He kept all his efforts with the new stars but with this film we will tell Teja is back else Teja will be back should as per the review.


Basava(Chsva) rowdy sheeter who will kill people so cruelly and on a fine day he will kill a family, to get rid of the case he bribes ACP 25 lakh rupees. During this he tends to see ACP’s sister Mythili(Daksha) falls in love with her, decided to get married only her. Mean while Mythili gets engaged, on her big day Basava kills the bride groom. Mythili’s family will fix her other match but Basava kills him too which leads Mythili to a big shock and as per doctors advice her family will take her to a peaceful atmosphere far away from their village to Karnataka’s Agumbe, that is a place with highest rain fall. In that village Skanda(Dilip) who will be with his printing press business along with his grand mother.Since he lost his parents. Because of Skanda Mythili’s health will get set and as the days pass by they both fell for each other. In some typical situation Skanda helps Basava with that they will become friends.Basava will come to Agumbe for Mythili. How Skanda will fight against Basava and get Mythili is the rest story. How did Basava found about Mythili is in Karnataka?. What is the situation that Skanda helped Basava?. To whom Basava will support. These interesting elements should be known on the big screen.


Chasva – Generally when a new film will be released, people talk about Hero,Heroines but in this film villain’s character should be discussed. Chasva who will be seen in a Basava character did justice to his character. All the scenes of chasva were interesting. His mannerisms are different and unique. Dialogue delivery was clear. He will be having a bright future with this film.

Dilip – Looked good. Since this is his first film, he wasn’t comfortable in front of the camera. May be his character was similar to that kind of scared person but he looked ok in few scenes.

Daksha – Debuted Heroine, she was good in few scenes but couldn’t reach the expectations. Interesting part is she did the dubbing part herself to this movie but her voice didn’t fit to her character.

Jabardast team are also part of the film. D.S rao is seen in a character. Seema as Hero’s grand mother.

Technical Aspects:

Only songs were the best new looking in this film. Kalyani Koduri’s music is good also the re-recording. Cinematography was ok. Editing was just ok. Dialogues were regular based. Didn’t invest much for this film at least not at the required places.


When Teja was asked about how will Hora Hori going to be? surprisingly he said probably audience will feel the essence of Jayam after watching the film. Surprisingly it is true till some extent in the feel,tint and the action scenes near by the trees has the traces of Jayam. Rest all is the old school making. Though Teja kept his whole heart and soul on Jayam movie and it isn’t correct to compare that with Hora Hori though it has the traces of it in few frames. Teja did lots of home work in the characterisation of villain. Chasva also reached Teja’s imagination. Teja should have took little attention on the Hero Heroine characters since they look perfect as per the characters but couldn’t impress as per the performance. Teja did this movie without connected scenes. Audience don’t understand why few scenes will appear. Why villain has to do a murder on road and bribes ACP 25 lakhs. Comedy didn’t work out at all, they he planned to adjust comedy tracks with Jabardust team. But the comedy was a disaster to this film. Hero characterisation was very poor. Lots of clumsy in the fight for hero’s printing press. Many scenes were like a daily soap and raghava’s comedy was irritating. Don’t know who is Indumathi and why she appeared and there is no proper details of her character. Villain’s gang Hamsa comedy was disgusting. Na gunde chappudu song was good and there are satires on the keyboard typing in theatre.

Teja lost his grip on the script also in the narration. Teja has a mark that he can make artists perform well but he remained failure in this. Teja once again bagged a failure. Only with the elevation of villain’s character,Music,cinematography are the relieving elements to audience.

PB Rating : 2.5/5