I have no Strength, says Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan BJP, TDP News: Janasena Party leader Pawan Kalyan finally opened up on AP capital woes in a press meet held today in Hyderabad. Pawan stated that, The only reason he entered politics is to protect the interests of Telugu people. Now that people are in trouble due to the land acquisition, he said he will fight for them and make sure that no one should suffer to give away their land for the proposed capital. He also said, he is just conveying all these with BJP and TDP MPs.

 "I have no strength. I came to politics not for the sake of power or money. Rather, I want every Telugu speaking person to be happy with their family. But I don’t have power or strength. The only way I can demand is by protesting with the people and doing a fast. I requested our MPs to pressurize government on these issues. If they won’t respond accordingly and do nothing, I’m yet to take a call on what to do next. One thing is for sure, I will not sit quietly if people face problems. If I wish to became a MP or an MLA, I would have contested during Praja Rajyam Party days. I cannot see anyone suffering. That is  my main agenda.  I haven’t decided what if the MP’s stood silent for my words and requests," explains Pawan.