I hit off well with Pawan Kalyan…

Venkatesh Interview, Venkatesh Interview Gopala Gopala, Venkatesh Gopala Gopala Movie: Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh are sharing screen space together for the first time in Gopala Gopala. Venkatesh , a man of composure and coolness, speaks about the film exclusively on the occasion of its release. Read on what Venkatesh says about Gopala Gopala:

Brief us about your role in Gopala Gopala…
I play Gopala Rao, a non-believer in god. He challenges god and files a case on him in court demanding compensation for the damage of his shop. The film is clean and has though provoking dialogues. We made sure that we don’t hurt anyone’s sentiments with our film.

Share us your experience working with Pawan Kalyan…
I and Pawan Kalyan hit off very well. We have known each other for a long time and we planned to work in a film on several occasions. He played a very wonderful role and he acted so naturally. In fact, we wanted to rope in someone who has pleasant smile, good face and coolness in his eyes and that’s how Pawan came on board for Gopala Gopala.

Knowing that you are a staunch believer in god, was it difficult to portray Gopala Rao?
Yes, it’s challenging to play Gopala Rao. The film is not a satirical take on anyone. However, it enunciates the importance of sculptures and principles of Bhagavadgita. These days we see people deceiving people in the name of god. We made sincere attempts to spread awareness to the people with our film.

What’s Shriya role in the film?
She plays a typical housewife and did justice to her role.

Tell us about director Dolly…
He worked with Suresh Productions in many films. He has done extensive research and made a few changes to the Telugu version to suit the sensibilities of our native audience. He shaped the film in an entertaining way. In Telugu, we have increased the screen time of Pawan Kalyan and the screenplay will be racy.

What’s your favourite sequence in Gopala Gopala?
I can’t say one particular episode as my role was etched very well. It’s quite a rare opportunity for an actor to bag such a substantial role. I must say I’m enjoying every bit of hit.