I Think 20 Years Ahead… SV Krishna Reddy

Krishna Reddy is very well known for his complete family entertainers based on clean comedy, heart touching sentiments and good music which are all U certified. Apart from directing nearly 40 films he had the rare recognition of making a film in Hollywood. He says that he has the zeal, craze and love for movies and is still writing new stories. He said that he will be seen in a commercial movie soon. Monday being his birthday, here is a small interview.
"I always think about the future which is 20 years away. I will be thinking about How the society will change? What kind of latest technology will be coming? You have seen Ghatothkachudu. It depends on the love story of a Robot which was the same concept in recent Shankar’s Robo. That means i have thought about that before 20 years. I am planning to make a commercial film very soon with a top hero in which the story line will surprise you."

There came so many changes from Kobbari Bondam till now which I am observing all the time because i like technology and I love telling a story in an innovative way. In my first film Kobbari Bondam, I have showcased Rajendra Prasad as a hefty person which surprised everyone with his getup and title. One has to think innovatively to get new stories for which we have to make the brain run for it. A small point is enough to make a film. The concept of a book falling from the sky and humans finding it made ‘Yamaleela’. Selling a husband for a crore brought out ‘Subhalagnam’. Those stories can be taken even now but presentation should be different which should be understood by the audience.

I was raced as a ladies director with subhalagnam but I have directed more movies which shows heroism. Mavichiguru, Deergha Sumangali bhava films has gained me lady fans which is my luck. I took care that no film shows vulgarity. Atlast I have titled the film Pellam Oorelithe and made it a family entertainer. I will be watching all movies and will not miss it if it is a good film. According to me morals can be learnt only from good films  which I believe and direct and direct only good films.