Illegal content in the name of #SuchiLeaks

Celebrities partying is a normal thing. It’s true that from the past 10 to 15 years the parties became much more "wild". Some people are showing their talent by taking those pics and adding sexual content to it and posting them on social media.

They are hash tagging it with Heroine nude videos, Hero-Heroine intimate scenes. So many such photos and videos became viral on the social networking sites. Thanks to the Smartphones and Internet these videos and audio tapes circuit worldwide in no time. It’s nothing new that each and every small matter leaked is becoming a news and is shared world-wide.

What is the truth in the video? Has became out of question. Suchi Leaks also falls under this category. Suchi Leaks by Singer Suchitra has become sensation recently. The account is leaking some porn videos and some celebrities naked photos and intimate videos. The Suchi Leaks is stating that the celebrities in those videos are real.

These intimate video footages of Tollywood and Kollywood celebs went viral in short time. A star heroine had already condemned this act. Some other celebrities also said that they are not the people in the videos. However these illegal videos are rounding the internet with Suchi Leaks name. Seems that a censor board is necessary for Internet content these days.