Interview – Sampath Nandi – Directing Pawan Kalyan is my dream

Young director Sampath Nandi made his directional debut with Yemaindi Ee Vela. He bagged a blockbuster with Ram Charan’s Rachcha. He has directed Ravi Teja’s Bengal Tiger which is gearing up for a grand release tomorrow (Dec 10). Our Pallibatani correspondent caught up with him for an interview. Here it is.

What did you title the film as Bengal Tiger ?

Our national animal Bengal Tiger has some distinct qualities and hero Ravi Teja also has the same qualities like the Tiger. So we named it Bengal Tiger. As speculated, the story is not about Kolkata backdrop of a cop story. It’s a pure commercial with Telugu backdrop.

Tell us about the story of the film ?

I don’t say that Bengal Tiger has a unique storyline. It is a regular commercial drama with a different hero characterisation. I designed Ravi Teja’s character with a lot of care. The film will have all elements to entertain regular audience.

Explain briefly about Ravi Teja character ?

Ravi Teja plays the role of a village guy Akash Narayanan who hails from Atreyapuram. His starts on a serious mission after a serious incident that happens to him.

Trailers gave an impression that the film is a regular commercial film. Your opinion about it ?

Although the story is a regular one, Ravi Teja’s character is quite different from his previous movies and the storytelling is also different from other films.

What part does heroines play in the film ?

Both Tamannaah and Rashi Khanna are a crucial part of the story and will have thorough involvement in Ravi Teja’s mission. Their glamour quotient is an added advantage to the film.

You waited two years to direct Pawan Kalyan . What was the reason for the sudden exit from the project. How did you feel?

Yes, I waited for more than two years to direct Pawan Kalyan. The film didn’t materialize due to various incidents but not due to personal reasons. Directing Pawan Kalyan is my dream, but I have to make a move in my career and proceeded further with this film.

How is your relationship with Pawan at present ?

I and Pawan Kalyan always share a good rapport and we don’t have any issues. I have a storyline for him and will develop it very soon. I will direct him if I get a chance.

Tell us about your working experience with Ravi Teja.

I thankful to Ravi Teja for giving me the opportunity to direct him. It was a great working experience with him. He gives out his cent percent while working for his movies. I am happy to work with such an energetic actor.

What ate going to the major highlights in the film.

Ravi Teja’s characterizations and screenplay are the biggest assets to the film. The flash back episode is the major highlight for the film. The movie will entertain all sections of audience.

What are your next projects ?

I am getting calls from a few star heroes. I haven’t confirmed any projects till now. I will decide after the release of Bengal Tiger.