It’s too late for Jagan

It seems realization has dawned on YSR supremo Jagan rather late. Hitherto, he used to take decisions all by himself. Nowadays, he is putting the best foot forward only after mingling with the party rank and file. Jagan who seems to have understood that his decisions cost him dearly, he is finalizing all programs only after discussing them with one and all, according to party sources. Face-to-face interaction with Jagan was a luxury in the past. He ignored visitors wishing to meet him and always gave priority to whom he wanted to meet, a complaint which the party leaders aired umpteen times.

In the past, several leaders vexed with Jagan’s attitude crossed over to any other party as they felt it was better to change the party rather than changing Jagan’s attitude.  There is an apparent change in the attitude after the poor show of the party during the last elections. Several leaders, who played crucial role in the party from the beginning, making an exit from the party, seem to have brought change in Jagan’s attitude. Of late, he has been calling up lower rung leaders and enquiring about the party position in their respective regions.

He is entertaining visitors and seeking information from them on the purpose of their visit. The change has apparently brought cheers to party leaders.  Had the change occurred prior to the elections, the party would have been in power, they refrain.  It is better late than never. Party notching up success after five years cannot be ruled out provided the new found unity is carried forward.