Majnu Movie Review Rating

Nani who has been impressing audience with his recent flicks has been on a roll. He has now teamed up with Uyyala Jampala fame director Virinchi Varma for Majnu which gained huge buzz. Majnu got released today and check out our review…

Story :

Aditya (Nani) is a happy go lucky guy who works as an assistant director for Rajamouli. He falls flat for Kiran (Anu Emmanuel) and after many attempts he wins her love. But unfortunately misunderstandings rose and the couple opt for break up.

Aditya then movies to Hyderabad and then Suma (Priya Shree) starts liking him. Twist in the tale arises when he comes to know that Suma is sibling to Kiran. Now what will Aditya do ? Whom will he marry eventually ? Whom he loved or whom he loves.

Performances :

Undoubtedly, Nani stands as major highlight for the film. All his histronics came out well and he is impressive in both the love stories. His energy levels are good. Nani is evolving as a complete actor with his each film.

Unfortunately, both the heroines Anu Emmanuel, Priya Shree couldn’t do much justice and are just average. Vennela Kishore is hilarious in his role. Satya has got important role.

Others are just impressive.

Technicalities :

As a story writer Virinchi Varma took a regular story which was tested many times with not many twists. Production values for this flick are top notch. Cinematographer Gnanasekhar’s work should be congratulated as cinematography is top notch.

Many dialogues are witty and punches worked out very well. Music by Gopi Sundar is good and sounds well. Director Virinchi Varma has done a decent job with taking though the story is routine.

Analysis :

While the first half is funny and witty, second half goes haywire. Story of the flick is regular with not many twists and thrills. Nani stood as main highlight for the flick. If Virinchi Varma could’ve handled second half very well, Majnu would’ve been a lot better film. Climax sequences again brought in laughs for the film.

PB Rating : 2/5