Manchu Manoj Exclusive Interview

Machu Manoj’s movie career has been going on different scale from Prayanam movie. He selects unique and interesting scripts like Nenu Meeku Telusa, Vedam etc. His latest movie Gunturodu is all set to hit the screens on this Friday amd as a part of movie promotions Manoj had a chat with the media and said some intresting things. Let’s have a look at them..

Who is Gunturodu? How is the movie going to be?

This is a story happens in Guntur. That’s why we kept the title like that. Hero is like a red chilli. He tolerates neither happiness nor sadness. Everything and every enjoying will be in peaks for him.
The villain is exactly like this too. What is the fight between these two? Who won? Is the story.

Director Satya’s previous movie became a disaster. How did you trust him again?

We should not underestimate a director’s talent based on one movie. Movie collections will be affected even if the movie was not released in right time or there were insufficient theatres. He told a good story to me. When he was being the script with dialogues to me, I really became a fan of him. What more do you need to give him another chance?

Whose is the final decision in shedding the story?

It’s completely mine. I won’t make them rotate around me asking to narrate the story to my mother, father or Wife. If i like the story i will do it. Else I won’t.

Close people are saying that Manoj got a good movie with Gunturodu. Have you waited long for a movie like this?

This really is a good story with good team. This won’t happen everytime. I don’t think to do a particular kind of stories. Out of the stories that came to me I select good stories, the stories i liked or fresh stories. I won’t write the stories right? The directors have to think that Manoj would be apt for that role.

Why did you said that you will do commercial films from now on at the audio launch of Gunturodu?

Fans, Friends and relativeslatives are posting different comments in my Facebook and Twitter accounts. "Why are you not doing commercial movies brother?" "Is there no guidance for Manoj?" Questions like these have became common. So I wanted to give an answer for them. I have some likes and dislikes. I have to follow them. I am not saying that their advices are not right. They are saying because they care for me. That’s why i told them that i will do commercial movies but in my way.

It would be good to do movies which bring profit to directors and producers right? Do you think in that way?

Will commercial movie become a hit? There are flops in them too. Potugadu is the biggest commercial hit in my career. But whenever i watch the movie in TV i think why did i over do my acting in that. I really acted more than limit in that movie. After shooting when i get home i used to feel bad and ask my sister why do i have to do movies like them. I worked in that movie because of the pressure to get a commercial movie. Movies like Prayanam, Vedam satisfied my heart. I can proudly say "Your grandfather did that movie" to my kids and grandchildren.

You are looking chubby recently. Aren’t you trying to loose weight?

My body was apt for my character in Shaurya. The same is enough for Attack too. But for Gunturodu I had to gain some muscles. I gained weight for Okkadu Migiladu movie. There is no connection between our weight and the outcome of the movie. If it’s not like that MohanLal would have survived in the industry for this long. (Laughs)

Chiranjeevi gave voice over for your movie. How did you approach him?

Initially we thought of getting voice over from Ram Charan. When I called him he said that he will definitely do it. But he was not in Hyderabad at that time. Then my family went to Chiranjeevi uncle’s home. So i asked "Uncle will do a favour for me?" He asked what it is. I told him about the voice over and he immediately accepted it. That’s how Chiru uncle’s voice entangled with Gunturodu.