Marriage will happen whenever they want says Nagarjuna

Wedding bells are about to ring in Akkineni family. Akkineni Nagarjuna on the other note is busy shooting for Om Namo Venkateshaya and he spoke her heart loud in a recent interview with a leading news daily.

Q : Your opinion on Om Namo Venkateshaya?

A : Under Raghavendra Rao direction, I’ve already acted as a Lord Venkateshwara devotee in Annamayya and with the same concept I have did this film. When he first said about the movie I asked him, that we have already did Annamayya with the same theme and I was not sure whether this film will entertain the audience or not. But Raghavendra Rao told me to listen to the story first and after listening the story I liked it so much and accepted it immediately.

Q : Isnt it a risk to a devotional film now?

A : There are risks for commercial movies and comparatively devotional films are at low risk. We already know how much the audience liked Shiridi Sai and I believe that same audience love will be there for this movie also.

Q : Tell us about your character in the movie.

A : I am playing the role of Haathi Ram, a big devotee of Lord Venkateshwara. No one knows about him well. We traveled so many Matams to learn about him and are showing what we learnt to the audience in this movie. Graphic effects are also played vital role in the movie and they are the heart of the movie. Especially the conversations between me and Lord Venkateshwara will be outstanding and everyone will like them.

Q : Why haven’t you released the movie for Sankranthi?

A : We never thought of releasing the movie for Sankranthi. We knew that we can’t complete the movie in such a short span. Devotional films like this are not good to release based on the date. We initially thought of releasing the movie on 11th of February. But we haven’t thought February will pass too. But the team put in a lot of effort. Fantasy is another important element in the movie. There will be so many interesting things in the movie. The climax would be even more fantastic than some important scenes in Annamayya. I watched it with M.M.Keeravani’s recording and I felt satisfied that the movie came out really well.

Q : When is Chai-Sam marriage?

A : Whenever they want to. Chai wanted to get engaged in January, so we did it last week. Likewise, the decision of wedding date also his wish. We will always be ready whenever Chai Sam wanted to get married.