Mister Movie Review

Sreenu vaitla is the only director who is a perfectionist in making a full length comedy family entertainer. He is an expert in creating different comedy characters. So one has great expectations whenever is movie is set to release. But with flop films like Aagadu and Bruce Lee in his credit it one can wonder what Mister actually looked like. Breaking the stereotype , this time he opted for a full length love story. This film was made with a huge budget and the cast include Varun Tej, Hebah Patel and Lavanya Tripathi in the lead roles. Let’s see how the movie is.

Coming to the story……. Chai(Varun) lives in Spain With his Dad and Step Mom. His biological mother dies in an accident and Chai believes that his grandfather (Pichayya Naidu) is the cause of his mother’s death and he avoids him. In this process he receives Meera(Hebah Patel )in the airport and bring her home. He becomes close to her and gradually falls in love with her. But Meera already is in love with Sidharth(Prince).In the process of getting Meera married to Sidharth, Chai comes to India and meets Chandra mukhi(Lavanya) in the bus. She is the daughter of the ruler of Vijayanagar empire. Chai saves her from trouble. So as the story moves preparation for Chain and Chandramukhi marriage are made.But now Meera wants to marry Chai and Chai incidently meets Pichayya Naidu(Nazzer) his grandfather. Now how Chai saves his grandfather’s village and Chandramukhi from the villain(Nikhider) is the conclusion.

But one has to wait and see to whom Chain gets married on the big screen.The director kept aside his original style and gave importance to the love story. Comedy track is good. Love story between Hebah Patel and Varun is nice. Combination of different comedy actors is a plus point to this movie. Comedy actors Sreenivas reddy, Pridvi Raj and Shaking Sheshu along with Tejasvi have done their part. Lavanya’s entry gives a colour to the movie and the entry of the villain batch gives a twist at the interval.

Second half is a total bore where the director reveals Lavanya’s background and Vijaynagar emperor’s history.One don’t understand where the story unfolds and its a megre confusion.Many characters get introduced but Priyadarshi comedy is a relief here. But Shaka lakha shankhar effort is gone .Hence in an effort to show many shades in one story, the story has become a lengthy one.Though Mickey Jay Mayor tunes are good but they have gone flat in re recording especially in action sequences. KV Guhan cinematography is the only strength. Spain was portrayed beautifully and he could capture the beauty of India in it.

As compared to other Vrun tej films, he is seen in a jolly character but gets back to action sequences very soon
Sreedhar, Gopi Mohan took a risk with the story which had many elements and not even one was taken care. Comedy track also fell flat.With the introduction of so many characters the film seem to be in great confusion. Even the length of the movie was too much. Hebah’s and Varun ‘s chemistry didnot work but Lavanya brought colour to the movie. Over all one can watch this movie once for time pass.

PB Rating : 2.5/5