Nandamuri fans gave me a lot of energy

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You scored a hit after 10 years, how does it feel?

I will handle success and failure equally. Every actor will undergo such phase in their life and it all depends on how quick you learn from your mistakes. I believe I’m a good learner and racing with optimism.

What did you learn from your mistakes?

I’m a changed person post Om. The film not only taught me lessons but also changed my approach towards choosing films. Needless to say audiences expect relief and entertainment from our films, but I couldn’t meet their expectations with Om. From now, I hope I won’t repeat those mistakes in future.

How did Pataas happen?

Anil Ravipudi came to me with this script three years ago. I was working neck and crop for Om and my focus is only on that film. I liked Anil’s story and assured him of any help from my banner. Interestingly, Anil was firm on making Pataas with me and it took me two years to say yes to him due to my image apprehensions.

Are you under pressure now?

Yes, of course. As an actor, the success of Pataas has increased my responsibility and also put me under immense pressure (Laughs). I will continue making entertaining films with caution from now.

What kind of support you received from your family?

They have been my pillar of strength. I have a wonderful family and a couple of friends who motivate me when I’m distressed, at times.
Talk us about the success tour…
It feels great to meet Nandamuri fans. They showed their love on me by making Pataas a blockbuster. Their blessings give me a lot of energy.

Tell us about Nandamuri multistarrer?

I will be producing a multi-starrer with Babai Balakrishna, NTR Jr and myself soon. The ground work is going on and I will reveal the details once everything is finalized.

What’s your next project?

I’m working with Mallikarjun for Sher and also producing Kick 2 starring Ravi Teja. Both the films are nearing completion.