Nandamuri Heroes Producers In Dilemma

Well, it is almost confirmed that both Balakrishna and NTR are going to fight at the box office this Sankranthi. Both Nannaku Prematho and Dictator are going to hit the screens in January next year. The shootings of both these films are on the verge of completion.

Till recently, there were many rumors that NTR’s Nannaku Prematho will be postponed due to February to avoid the fight with uncle Balakrishna. The new poster from Nannaku Prematho that was unveiled for Diwali confirmed that the film is all set for Sankranthi release. Also, the makers of Dictator have confirmed that they will release the film during the festival.

The producers of both these films are in a dilemma as the distributors and buyers are not happy with the release of two big films with in a span of few days. As both of the heroes are desperate and adamant about Sankranthi release, it is tough time for the producers.