Natyam, a short film released to mark International Dance Day

Natyam, a short film released to mark International Dance Day: The short movie released in YouTube is a tale of a women’s rediscovery of her little happiness Director Revanth film Natyam Revanth Korukonda’s 34.06-minute short film is a tale of a women’s rediscovery of her passion. It’s a thought provoking film that address the need for every woman to re-discover her little dreams, nurture a zeal, and her love for dance and music that gets buried in the surmounting marital responsibilities.

So whats the short film about Director Revanth says ‘Natyam’ revolves around the central character named Kalyani married to a busy cardiologist husband and her son. It is the story of a dancer and singer, Kalyani, who gives up her dream willingly in order to become the ideal wife, mother and daughter-in-law. And, in doing so, her sense of discontent is only referred to through her letters to her father.

A sudden meeting with Shakti from the past puts her back on track. She finds joy in dance and stretches herself to fulfill all her commitments. Motivation comes from everyone around, including her husband who has never seen her for what she is.Actor Sandhya Raju performs her role with grace and being a dancer, emotes well with immense grace and poise.

The scene where Kalyani undergoes an internal transformation is one of my favorite scenes in the short film says Sandhya Raju. From a soft and compromising character Kalyani discovers her old self while looking at her own image in the mirror. The moment was inspirational she says.

In a cameo role and it is pleasing to watch Kuchipudi danseuse Alekhya Punjala as a teacher who makes the protagonist go the extra mile. The film also stars Vasudev Rao and Sanjay Raichura, has music by Prashanth R Vihari and Arun Varghese and cinematography by Shekar Ganganamoni & S.J Siddarath.

In Natyam Director Revanth also appears in a cameo and plays his part well in the scene with Kalyani ( Sandhya Raju). It is the one of the finest moment in the film as the transformation in Kalyani’s life begin to happen and she finds her confidence to revive the little joys that she was missing.