Ntv banned @ A.P

One of the leading news channel in both the states has banned in A.P. yes this has happened only with the involvement of big heads. The ruling party TDP, allegedly forced MSO’s to ban Ntv’s telecast at AP. Revanth reddy’s note for vote issues telecast repeatedly in channels made CM Chandra Babu, Nara Lokesh to do this.

Actually this allegation was focused more on only one or more channels and later KCR and Babu’s verbal war went on like episodes. So this has been highlighted more on channels in discussion sessions. But with no reason Ntv’s broadcast has been banned in A.P this has become hot topic now to discuss among media people. Generalist community say that telecast of the available video proof in Revanth’s issue is not a sin and like wise any other channel Ntv too has done its part, but it’s not right to ban the channel broadcast all of a sudden without prior notice.

What so ever may be the reason, TDP is now clearly caught in note for vote scam along with the proofs deforming A.P’s prestige on the other hand Babu had also stuck in the tape recordings. This is not the right time to act like this and going against media by taking such steps.