Oka Manasu Movie Review Rating

Oka Manasu got all the hype required for the audience to draw to theaters, thanks to mega princess Niharika Konidela. Naga Shaurya is playing lead role in this flick while it is being directed by Ramaraju whose first film too falls in the genre of heart touching love story. The film released today with good expectations. Here is the review..

Story :

Surya (Naga Shaurya) is an aspiring politician whose dream is to become MLA for his constituency. His father (Rao Ramesh) dreams about this and he goes to any extent to see his son as MLA. Sandhya (Niharika) falls in first sight for Surya for which he reciprocates.

After few days, both Sandhya fears of the path Surya has chosen. Unfortunately at the same time, Surya gets arrested in a settlement case. Very powerful SC, ST atrocity case was filed against him.

At this situation where Surya fights for his political existence, his love story with Sandhya takes a new turn. What is it ? What happened to them and their love story. Has Surya became an MLA ? Watch these onscreen.

Performance :

It is undoubtedly one of the best performances from Naga Shaurya, he was handsome in this film and dominated Niharika. His histronics as a struggling politician were treat to watch. It is a decent debut for Niharika. She impresses with her introduction shot. After watching Niharika as a bubbly girl in TV shows, it will take some time to adjust to see Niharika in a subtle and matured role.

Rao Ramesh is good as a doting father. Pragathi is good. Hemanth, Raja Ravindra etc., has done their job well. Others did fine.

Technicalities :

Technically this film is brilliant. Though there are no big names involved, technical output is no less than a big budget movie. Music by Sunil Kashyap is a major highlight. Every song comes in background and there are many bit songs. Re-recording complimented scenes well. Cinematography is very pleasant. Beach locations were picturised beautifully. Art direction is superb. Locations are extra ordinary.

Editing is Okay but he should have taken more care for scene to scene connection. Direction by Ramaraju is in his style. Screenplay is at a snail pace. Dialogues are thought provoking yet simple. Production values are of top notch.

Analysis :

Oka Manasu starts of an interesting note but director made it very clear right from the first frame what he is going to show. Screenplay is too slow at times. There are many dialogues between the lead pair and after few minutes, audience sense some repetitiveness.

Oka Manasu is another honest attempt from Ramaraju where he stick to basics and not include any cinematic liberty in this film. Climax comes as a shocker. Overall, the film is simple and pleasant struggling love story which is dealt at slow pace. We have to see how B and C class audience receive the flick.

PB Rating : 3/5