Pooja Jhaveri Interview

Tell us about you.

I was born in Gujarat and brought up in Mumbai. I studied in Mumbai. I was featured in commercials like Rim, Nature Power Soup and few others close to 20. Later, I came into films.

Have you been into any other job before the commercials?
I studied in Graphic Designing and worked as Graphic designer for some time and later worked as a choreographer for few Bollywood films.

What are the films you are part of?
Bham Bholenath, Right Right, L7. Dwaraka is my fourth film in Telugu. I did Thodari in Tamil too.

Tell us about Dwaraka?
How a happy go lucky guy turns a Bad Man is the story of the film Dwaraka. The film progresses on Dwaraka backdrop. It will be a good entertainer.

Tell us about your role?
Mine is a very tough role but she will easily fall in love with anyone. I am happy with this role and I am confident that it will fetch me few more good roles.

Tell us about the experience of working with Vijay.
He is a good actor. He is very comfortable to work with. He is a good friend of mine too.

Tell us about your Bollywood experience?
I am looking to settle here in Tollywood as I feel it comfortable here. Bollywood is also a good place to work in.

What kind of role are you playing in Dwaraka?
It’s a mix of glamour and performance.

What kind of roles you wanted to play?
There aren’t any particular plans but I would like to do anything that interests me. I want to act more in Mythological and Historical roles.

What about any future projects?
Nothing as of now. Few are in discussions. Will reveal the details soon.