Press Note: GO RENT IT One Stop Rentals And Services

A Portal for Online Rental Listing.

The key Mission is to bring together Owners and Renters in One Central Platform, for their rental needs. In today’s world, the Rental Market is huge & booming, but there is no online aggregator portal which caters to just rental needs.

People can save a lot of money by renting stuff rather than buying things which are not used daily or are needed occasionally.

If one doesn’t need specific items every day, there’s no point in spending good money to buy them, one can still enjoy using these items by renting them. On the other hand, people can earn money on their unused items by renting them out.

‘This idea emerged from a personal experience of mine, when I moved back from the USA to India, after 15 long years. I had to ship household items via a shipment container and the shipment got delayed by 2 months. Needless to say, I was on the lookout for basic items like Fridge, TV, Sofas, and so on, for rent, till I received my shipment. I struggled a lot to find these basic items to rent,’ said Suresh L. (Founder and CEO).

‘It was then that the realization dawned on me and gave birth to the idea for Go Rent It. The idea of enabling an online rental platform to connect Owners and Renters in a one-of-its-kind online marketplace. The idea, since the day of its inception, still continues to excite me every day, in a way that it drives me to bring this idea, this dream of mine to fruition,’ he added.

This Platform operates on Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customers (B2C) and Customers to Customers (C2C) Models.

GO RENT IT ( , enables listing of items through multiple categories (Vehicles, Electronics and Home Needs, Event Places, Tours and Travels, Education and Learning, Fitness and Sports, Kids’ Stuff, Construction Equipment, Costumes and Jewelry, Housing, Commercial Spaces, Hoardings, Services and More…)

It is a one-of-its-kind platform, which is user friendly and secure. It is constantly updated & improved, so that the users will be able to rent or rent out the products and reap the benefits of hassle-free renting while making money on their unused products.

GO RENT IT ( started its operations in Hyderabad in the beginning of 2016 and has plans to expand to other major cities in India with full swing.