Rajinikanth Political Entry Confirmed

It appears like; Tamil superstar Rajinikanth entry in Tamil politics would be possible in near future. Chief Minister Jayalalithaa was arrested in assets case and this has warmed Tamil politics. Jayalalithaa’s loyalist Panneerselvam has sworn in as new chief minister, however there is some political uncertainty in the state. So, Tamil media is a buzz that, superstar Rajinikanth political entry is not far away.

 Narendra Modi met Rajini just before the recent Lok Sabha elections. Rajani then condemned the reports of entering into politics. However, with political uncertainty in the state, Rajinikanth is only option seems to be settling things because of his craze. On the other hand, Karunanidhi’s DMK doesn’t seem strong.

 Now, there have been numerous speculations that, Rajinikanth can become a star leader if he takes charge as BJP state president. Another buzz is that, Rajinikanth political entry may happen in two months. So, we may get clarity on Rajinikanth political entry in couple of months.