Ram Exclusive Interview

Energetic hero Ram is trying his best to score a decent hit from a long time. His last film Shivam failed miserably at the box office and his upcoming film Nenu Shailaja is all set for a grand release on this New Year Day. The film is touted to be a refreshing love story and Ram is confident about the film’s success. Our Palli Batani correspondent caught up with Ram for an interesting interview. Here it is .

Q) What is Nenu Shailaja all about ? Why did you change the title Hari Katha ?

Ans) Hari Katha is just the working title for the film and we felt that it will not suit the genre of the film, so we confirmed Nenu Shailaja. The film is a pure romantic tale which will connect to everyone very closely.

Q)What are your expectations on the film ?

Ans) Usually, I am confident with all films. I am going through a lean phase over the past few years as my films have become monotonous. So, I decided to come up with a different storyline and Nenu Shailaja is a perfect one for me to get out of the rough patch. I am very confident with this film and hoping that it will succeed big time.

Q) Can you give details about your role in the film ?

Ans) I will be seen as Hari who is a professional DJ. My character has realistic appeal and the scenes featuring with the heroine have come out pretty well. It is a realistic love story with no useless scenes or unnecessary songs. Hari character is one of the best in my career so far. After a long time, I tried to get into a different role and hoping that audience will receive it well.

Q) How was it working with Kishore Tirumala ?

Ans) Kishore is a very sensible writer and did a fabulous job thorough out the film. It was a great experience for me to with work with him. He narrated the story in a realistic way. He has complete knowledge of the craft and worked well till the end.

Q) A few words about Keerthy Suresh ?

The female lead’s character is designed to suit the Telugu nativity and Keerthy Suresh fits the bill perfectly. She did a fine job and the entire story revolves around her with a lot of emotions.

Q) How did you feel after the trailer garnered positive response ?

Ans) I am pretty happy for the positive response. What made me more happy is that audience are eagerly waiting for the film’s release after watching the trailer. I am confident that they will enjoy the film.

Q) What are your next projects ?

Ans) As of now, I have not decided on my next project. I am eager for the release of Nenu Shailaja. I will sign projects after sometime.