Ramoji Mini Theaters

Media tycoon who wanted to conquer the cinema industry in many ways by establishing Mayuri cinema distributors,Audio,cinema hoardings,production house too but unfortunately couldn’t.

And now, Ramoji Film City though which couldn’t help him in coquering the industry. As per sources Ramoji now wants to test his destiny atleast by exhibitions.As in people are becoming familiar with multiplexes and so Ramoji is planning to establish small sized digital theaters with complete online booking and centralized broad casting in different cities. There is no need of special place for this, since it can be done by arranging them in a commercial complex too.

Ramoji like people doesn’t have to bother about the permissions. And in both Andhra,Telangana states he is planning to build nearly 500-1000 mini digital theaters with effective cost cutting at reasonable prices.With this small movies can be easily telecasted and the income can also be shared. Let’s wait for the gossip turning out with a official information.