We call a film inspiring based on its story but this is a special one. It is inspiring not just through its tale but also in the situation it has arrived. Yes, ‘Red Zone’ is a unique experiment which has no Cameraman, technically no director. Most importantly, from the idea level to now streaming by one of the leading OTTs in just 45 days and that too during the Pandemic lockdown makes this all the more unique. And yet it turns out to be a treat which is filled with its share of humour and a message that every individual can relate to.
The story is about a film team which is gearing up to take off with the shooting the next day. The cast and crew are very excited and looking forward to it because each person has been through his/her share of challenges and this project will be the much needed breakthrough. Well, before their dreams can takeoff trouble strikes in the form of the Corona Virus and the lockdown announcement. What starts as a one day situation grows up to become a regular feature. The transition of each character and the emotional rollercoaster they go through from the first day of lockdown to the ongoing saga forms the basic crux. Saving the best for last, the climax was heart touching and though the backdrop of the story is related to film industry folks, it certainly applies to everyone from various walks of life.
The pie in the cake goes to Aziz Naser who has depicted the inside of an aspiring director in the most accurate manner. He was well complimented by some engaging performances from Sufi Khan (sweet and effective), Ali Reza (impactful), Hussain Raza (Excellent), Akbar Bin Tabar (perfect timing), Shiva Mamidi (Entertaining). A brief cameo from RK Mama, K B Jani was a major highlight which would tickle the funny bones of the viewers.
Director Seshu KMR needs a pat on the back for conceiving such a storyline during this crisis times. Not just that, the way he came with the brilliant thought of making a self-shot movie is worth appreciating. The film gets its brownie points with a wonderful soul stirring song from the duo of Gaurav-Pratham and thought provoking lyrics by Yukthi. Kudos to editor Mahendra for sharp and crisp work!
Fun…Factual…Full of Feel…

PB Rating : 3.25/5