Regina Interview

Along with the acting skills,beauty and talent the busy Heroine Regina is more inclined towards performance oriented rather than glamorous oriented roles but she says that in ‘Subramanyam for sale’ only by trusting on the character I have crossed the line and looked more glamorous than before. And confidently said that the character Sita will get her a good name. On September 24th ‘Subramanyam for sale’ is getting released. On this note small talk with the Heroine of the film.

‘Subramanyam for sale’ it is an interesting title though, How will the cinema going to be?

This title has got a good talk and all the people acted in this movie has energetic characters only because this is done by Harish Shankar and the glimpse of my character was shown in the trailer.I’ll be seen in Sita character, will be glamorous. In a typical situation i should have to go USA and tend to meet Hero there, from there the actual story travels. This is a good commercial cinema and has emotional scenes along with the entertainment.

What is the speciality of the character Sita?

I was looking far better than my previous movies also glamorous too. You might have seen the dialogue in the trailer will be seen crying "Sita ikkada..Sita tho antha easy kadu", I took nearly 30 takes to finish that dialogue. It’s really a tough dialogue to be expressed and that emotional scene is the highlight for the cinema. I’ll be having a big family in this movie and this is a very special movie to me. Also a social message to girls will be hidden in this film especially it is mostly related to a facebook problem.

This is your second movie with Sai Dharam Tej and after ‘Pill Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham’ till ‘Subramanyam for sale’ what all the changes you have seen in his acting?

Sai is a good friend of mine and there are no issues as per the acting. We’ll infact discuss very comfortably in perspective of a particular scene during the shooting. There were very less number of scenes in our combination in Pilla nuvvu leni jeevitham but we have many combination scenes in ‘Subramanyam for sale’.

How is the working experience with the Director Harish Shankar?

Energetic Director Harish Shankar is very keen about a small issue. He will make the artist to work until his expected output will come out, he has that much crystal clear clarity on his work. The other Directors couldn’t identify the glamorous angle in me unlike Harish who has elevated me glamorously in a different style.

This film was mostly done its shooting in America, How was your working experience in USA?

It was really a fun time during the shoot at USA. If the shooting was in Hyderabad every one will arrive to the location in their respective cars but whereas in America we used to go together to the locations. We used to shoot in the middle of the roads. Though being very cold we have finished the shooting without any troubles.

How did you felt doing dance on’Guvva Gorinkato’ song. Have you seen Chiranjeevi’s song before?

I was thrilled on dancing for chiranjeevi’s song. Sai is a good dancer and I have seen the song before but the steps will be different. Along with this song I have danced much more for other songs and all the songs in ‘Subramanyam for sale’ are super hit.