Relations between Chandrababu & Pawan soured?

Leaders who campaigned for general elections held in 2014 working shoulder to shoulder. Surprisingly, afterwards they stopped Seeing Eye to eye. Let us analyze the reasons for the same. Pawan Kalyan floated Jana Sena prior to the last general elections. Everyone thought that he would contest elections. Upsetting all expectations, he did not contest the elections. But he campaigned for TDP in the State and BJP at the Center to ensure efficient leadership come to the power in the State in the context of of State’s bifurcation. The two parties for which he campaigned rode to power.

Everyone thought that the bonds of friendship between Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan would grow stronger further following Pawan Kalyan’s taking part in the oath-taking ceremony of Chandrababu Naidu. But it was not the case and the situation appears to have changed in the last nine months. It may be recalled that the State Government has implemented land pooling system to construct State’s capital in the capital region. While some farmers gave their lands to the state capital voluntarily others are not favorably inclined to part with their lands.

The farmers refused to give their lands which are very fertile. It may be recalled that some farmers claimed that they had voted to the TDP at the behest of Pawan Kalyan.  Recently, Pawan had toured Tulluru, Undavalli and other villages to gain firsthand knowledge of farmers’ woes. The farmers related the pressure being mounted on them to part with their lands and the objections they have had for parting them.

Pawan Kalyan asked the Government to take lands provided the farmers gives them voluntarily and went on record that he would not tolerate coercive measures. In a tongue-in-cheek reaction, he told the Government that he would side with the farmers and fight for their cause. This has put the TDP in a complex situation. Moreover, the Government warned farmers of invoking the provisions of the land pooling act to acquire lands for the State capital. It conveyed the same opinion to the AP High Court. Responding to this, Pawan in his

Twitter account posted that it was no good and maintained that he would side with the farmers if the land pooling act was invoked against the farmers. Since posting the comment, the relations between Pawan Kalyan and the TDP appeared to have soured. On the occasion of Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu’s birthday, prominent leaders of all parties including Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted Babu, but there was no comment in the Twitter account of Pawan Kalyan about it. This has aroused the suspicion of analysts whether feel the relations between the two had soured.