RGV’S Sensational Comments on Chiru’s 150th Movie

The man who has fixed his tagline as controversial king has once again become the public talk on vigorous tweets of ‘Baahubali’ that no one in the country has a vision like Rajamouli and boldness to create such a epic movie and also along with the movie review he has also targeted the Telugu film Hero’s this time.

And the most recent Tweet of him linking it up with Chiru’s 150th film and also with Rajamouli’s Baahubali has become hot topic now. As in " Prabhas-Rajamouli’s has created a record breaking collections at the box office similarly if incase Chiranjeevi-Rajamouli’s combination will lead to what extend? Anyhow Chiru’s 150th project can be dealt only with Rajamouli for sure, which has to be more than ‘Baahubali’ and no other person can create a intense feel to his 150th project".

The other side Ram Charan Tej who wants to produce for the film on their own home production house couldn’t clarify the update on the film. Puri, V.V.Vinayak are making their individual efforts on the script work. But which project will be finalised ultimately and move to sets is a big question here also Ram Gopal Varma’s comments may also there are chances that Mega family might focus on Rajamouli’s direction either.