Shriya Hopes On Hindi ‘Drushyam’!

Shriya who paired up with all the leading top stars in the industry for a long time. She is now focusing only on characters that can elevate her acting skills keeping all the glamorous roles aside. She is now totally dependent on her forth coming film "Drushyam", though movies like Manam,Gopala Gopala has given a big come back to her career. And now she is excited with Drushyam to prove herself.

The successful movie in Malayalam is now re maked as "Drushyam" which has already been released in Telugu,Tamil,Kannada and irrespective of the language this has made tremendous records. That is the reason why there are lot many positive vibrations on Hindi film. Starring Ajay Devgan,Shriya,Tabu will be seen in this film, which is directed by Nishikanth Kamat. On July 31st the film will be hitting theatres.