Sonakshi Sinha Follows Anushka Shetty

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha is one of the glamorous Bollywood actresses in the current generation. The gorgeous beauty put on huge weight over the years and she is now looking more of her age like an obese woman. All these days, she has been shooting for her films, but suddenly she shifted her focus on shedding weight for the upcoming projects.

She is currently busy shooting for a woman oriented film Akira in the direction of Murugadoss. She decided to look her part in the action sequences of the film and already shed nearly 15 kilos. Sources close to Sonakshi reveal that she is concentrating more on her fitness. It is heard that she is now trying act with youngsters in glamorous characters. Whatever may be the reason, Sonakshi Sinha and few other Bollywood beauties are following Anushka who recently cut down her weight for Size Zero film. It seems like the size zero bug has struck Bollywood as well.