State Home will bring a smile back on Veena and Vani

State Home will bring a smile back on Veena and Vani, after 13 years of confinement in hospital!

City Based NGO, Helping Hand Foundation, (HHF) which provides medical aid, support and rehabilitation to the underprivileged and more so to the children with rare diseases, disability, spasticity and to children with other chronic ailments, has stated in its letter addressed to health secretary that, it welcomes the decision to move the conjoined twins to the state home, run by the state department of women development & child welfare at Yellareddyguda, Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

The NGO further appealed to the health authorities, while highlighting the plight of the conjoined twins, to expedite the process of shifting them to the State Home, as these children of unfortunate fate have become victims of inaction, lack of family support, for all these years and at least now they deserve all the dignity and the right to childhood.

The NGO said that they recently visited and seen the facilities provided by the State home at Ameerpet and stated that the State home, which houses a rescue home for destitute women and children, has nearly 200 orphans, semi orphans and abandoned children in the age group of 0 – 6 years in the Sishu Vihar and another 120 children, again orphans, semi orphans and abandoned children in age group of 6 – 15 years in another section of the campus.

The NGO further stated that the State home is managed by a team of dedicated women comprising of the state home officers, supervisors and support staff (Ayahs), who work 24 x 7, in shifts to provide boarding, lodging, food and basic medical facilities with utmost dedication and commitment to the destitute children, under the guidance of regional joint director and director Women and Child Welfare, Government of TS.

By virtue of their long stay at the hospital and being confined to a single room, Veena and Vani have been denied theirright to childhood, love and affection of the family, in the absence of a Neurosurgeon at the said Hospital, under whose domain the separation matter falls, their stay at Niloufer Hospital was futile, as the paediatric hospital had very little to do in medical terms except in providing basic medical care, lodging, nursing and teaching support to the conjoined twins. With the government now finally deciding to move Vani and Veena to the state home, this will at least give them an opportunity to spend rest of whatever life, is left of them in the company of other children, which they missed all through their 13 years in the hospital said Mr. Mujtaba Hasan Askari, President of Helping Hand Foundation.

Help & Sympathy for Conjoined Twins pouring in from across the world

Several sympathetic individuals and groups are showing keen interest and intent to do their bit for Veena and Vani, a group of doctors of Hyderabad origin now working in a top notch New York Hospital, in USA, have contacted us and expressed their willingness to coordinate on behalf of the conjoined twins with two world renowned surgeons, who specialize in separation of conjoined twins, Dr Goodman, Neurosurgeon and Dr Staffenberg Paediatric Plastic Surgeon, both in NYC , USA – who have carried out several separation surgeries across the world and mostly on charitable basis said Mr. Askari of Helping Hand Foundation.

Another group of youngsters, who have an online platform that mobilises funds for social causes by connecting the cause with a celebrity are evaluating, if they can get a top telugu film personality to endorse the campaign for the conjoined twins and the state home for destitute children alike.

Surely Vani and Veena presence at the State home is not only going to bring smile back on their faces but also to the hundreds of destitute and hapless children, who live there without any family support.