Telagana Govt to BRING a Zero Budget

The Govt of Telangana is in a view to bring a Zero based Budget this time. It is to consider three factors before allocating funds. Mana Ooru – Mana Pranalika reports, Task Force Panel reports will be taken in to notice while allocating funds. 
A Zero based Budget according to the officials, will be an allocation of funds depending on priorities of the Govt. There would be a Scheme wise allocation & New ideas of the new Govt will be inculcated in First Budget of Telangana. Sources said that the Govt won’t follow the earlier method of allocation based on previous ones. There may be a least priority for all non performance departments & Schemes. The Govt will review & decided whether to attach them with any other department or to lift them out permanently. 
So far Govt’s have introduced an Incremental Budget, in which allocations were made to all departments with 15 P.C. hike on  earlier allotments.
The size of the Budget would be roughly about Rs 80K Crs. in which 30K Crs would be planned & 50K Crs non planned. Sources said that, the Budget will be packed as per the aspirations of the people of Telangana. The Govt has already gathered Public opinion & done a big exercise to bring popular Budget.
To concrete the ideas, Govt has constituted Task Forces, introduced Mana Ooru – Mana Pranalika etc.
The Govt of Telangana is to introduce a Karnataka Model of Budget Evaluation Committees in state. There would be private agencies participation apart from departmental bodies to gather feed back on Budget implementation process.