Telangana Government to Ban Flipkart

Flipkart Website Blocked, Banned: Telangana Government has asked the police to sprung into action to curb the attacks on women. Already, the government has formed special she teams and cabs driven by women to counter the attacks on women. In a bid to ensure safety for women, Telangana Government has decided to come up with severe law and is contemplating to restrict the selling of sexual content and products online.

Sources say Telangana Government is toying with the idea of banning a few websites that sell adult toys and other stuff. It may be recalled that India’s leading e-commerce portal Flipkart has started selling sexual wellness products including pleasure enhancement devices in July, 2014. The promotional campaign of these products is showing negative impact on the people as they are getting addicted to sexually explicit literature and X-rated materials.

That’s not all, Government is also of the opinion that selling these products is leading to crime against women. Hence, the government is mulling over to block Flipkart. The decision of Telangana Government has come as a shock to e-commerce portals and they are wondering on why they are being targeted to avert crimes on women!