Temper Movie Review

Puri Jagannath who carved a niche for making a slew of cop films which explores good guy-bad guy areas has teamed up with NTR Jr after a decade for Temper. The film has hit the screens today (February 13) and let’s do a quick check of Temper Movie Review.


A little boy Daya (NTR Jr) was fascinated to become a cop from his childhood only to earn lots of money for a happy living. He grows up and lives his dream, then begins his crooked act as a cop. He was transferred from Telangana state to Andhra Pradesh by Minister (Jaya Prakash Reddy) only to fortify the monopoly of Waltair Vasu (Prakash Raj). Daya strikes an immediate friendship with Vasu and one day, he falls for Sanvi (Kajal Aggarwal) and after a few escapades, she also reciprocates her love. It was then Daya faces a girl and assures her safety to Sanvi.  Who is that girl? Why is she targeted by goons? How he protects her has to be watched on screen.


Yes, NTR Jr has made a striking comeback with Temper. It’s been a while we saw him in a versatile yet electrifying role and he played to the fullest. He fits into the sleeves of a cop with fervor and passion. The way he transforms into an honest cop with a malevolent desire for revenge and traps the culprits is thrilling. The film is largely carried by NTR on his shoulders. His performance as a fiery-cruel-cop keeps you aberrant when parts of the film were getting thin. NTR excelled in emotional scenes and also scored well in action episodes. He got wonderful support from Posani Krishna Murali. The scenes between them give goosebumps to the audience.

On the flip side, NTR‘s loud outbursts might not go down well with the audience. The first half is tad slow with a few interesting scenes while it cannot be applied to the second half as it is racy and gripping. Puri Jagannath has articulated a couple of scenes like court episode and drunken fight very well. However, right from the start, the movie gives you a déjà-vu feeling as the story doesn’t really have anything new to offer and also lacks Puri mark entertainment. The violence in rape episodes could have been toned down to some extent. There are a lot of cuss words that were muted. Kajal is hardly confined to a couple of scenes and songs. Her chemistry with NTR is melancholy.


NTR Jr and Posani Krishna Murali are the show stealers. More than NTR – Kajal sequences, the scenes between Posani and NTR evoke thumping response and are a delight to watch. Posani has shown his acting prowess in a significant role and his performance is first rate. Prakash Raj and Jaya Prakash Reddy were seen in the tired and tested roles.

Madhurima has played a vital role and did a decent job. Kajal is ravishing and her limited role is commendable. Tanikella Bharani’s presence is felt, while Pavitra Lokesh, Sonia Aggarwal and Subba Raju played their part well.  Ali and Sapthagiri comedy is boring. Kovai Sarala’s diction and performance is vexatious. Puri Jagannath sizzled in a cameo.


Some of the dialogues by Puri Jagannath are noteworthy. Anup’s music is sensational and the album has already topped the charts. Mani Sharma’s background score is invigorating. NTR dance in Temper song is a joy for fans. Editing by SR Sekhar is crisp. Shyam K Naidu’s cinematography is exotic.


NTR Jr performance
Posani Krishna Murali performance
Background score
Second half


Deja-vu feeling
Slow first half
Insignificant role of Kajal
Lack of entertainment

Final Word: NTR unleashed his Temper. Go watch for him.