Varma Back To His ‘Gyan’ Mode On Power Star

It is known that the TDP leaders started commenting on Pawan Kalyan soon after his press meet on Monday and also Pawan replied them via twitter strongly. Interestingly, hours before this battle of tweets started, filmmaker Ramgopal Varma was into it, giving away his ‘gyan’, his take on the actor’s opinion, like “Just saw the whole video of Pawan Kalyan’s speech on cash for vote scam. Pawan is a roaring lion but there’s no meaning if he thinks before roaring. This is what I felt after seeing his speech, but P.K knows pretty well how to handle them.

A lion should be a lion and need not to give any sort of explanation for the reason behind his roar. But the problem here is that a roaring lion is talking like a cat. Being his fans, we expect a Tiger’s Roar from you. Let’s wait and see how Pawan Kalyan considers Ramgopal varma’s advice.