Victory Venkatesh Exclusive Interview

Venkatesh is gearing up for his new release titled as Babu Bangaram. The actor has taken almost a gap of one year for this new film. Maruthi is the director for this film. The actor is back with his comedy timing and action in the film Babu Bangaram. Nayanathara is playing the female lead. We have caught up with Venkatesh for an interesting conversation and the following is what he said about the film.

How did you select the title ‘Babu Bangaram’?
Ayyo Ayyo Ayyayyo reference has been taken from the film Bobbili Raja and used for Babu Bangaram. Maruthi likes Bobbili Raja a lot and it was his idea. I play a cop in the film who has a lot of humanity angle. Showing this soft corner, Ayyo Ayyo Ayyayyo will be a perfect one to make it simple for the situation. It is all Maruthi’s decision. Today everyone are loving it.

Why did you take gap after Gopala Gopala?
I just wanted to take a gap from films to find out what is interesting for the audiences of the current generation. Babu Bangaram is that film which was made after doing a bit research. Also, my father’s death made me to take a break from the movies.

Why did you stop doing remakes?
I dont see any difference between straight film and remake film. When maruthi approached me with the story, I liked my characterization and I immediately asked him to come with the full script. he worked on it and came back to me. Thats how we teamed up and completed the film.

What happened to ‘Radha’ with Maruthi?
I forget things so quickly. That film was called off due to some reasons but it did not create any impact on me or Maruthi. Immediately he came up with this script and the way he designed my role impressed me a lot.

Tell us about your character in Babu bangaram.
I play a police officer in the film. Usually Police officers look serious. Even In my previous films also, I am the same. But this time, this role is completely different. You will love it once you watch it on the screen. The characterisation was completely new and different.

Tell us about your chemistry with Nayanathara in the film.
I played the role according to my age. You dont see me running after the heroine in the film. It dont suit me atleast at this age. The chemistry between both of us worked well. It will be nice to see.

Do you interfere in Director’s job?
There will be no creative interference from my side. All I do is to tell good or bad about a scene or making some suggestions for some scenes out of my experience.

How do you take it when people are saying that you completed 30 years in film industry.
30 years is just a number. I dont see it as a big achievement. I used to be in a big dilemma during the beginning of my career. At some point of time, I understood my destiny. I am indebted to the audiences and fans who have been loving and supporting me all these 30 years.

When can we expect a film with Rana?
Few writers are working on the same. It is too early to discuss about the project.

What are your upcoming projects?
I’m doing Irudhi Suttru remake in Sudha Kongara direction. I also signed a film Aadallu Meeu Joharlu in Kishore Tirumala direction.

What suggestions can you give for short film makers and upcoming talents?
New talent must enter the film industry constantly. They should make films with new stories and thats how they can be successful with which the industry also runs on success path. Firstly, we should think and understand our destiny and it is when we can move forward happily in any profession.