Vijay Antony Interview

"I am looking forward to act in Telugu movies" says Vijay Antony

Vijay Antony who worked as musician for Srikanth’s Mahatma turned into actor and with his films Nakili, Dr. Saleem he got a name in Tollywood. His latest movie Pichchaikaran released with the name Bichchagaadu in Telugu recently. On this occasion, Vijay Antony interacted with press. Here is what he said..

How is the reception for our movie ?

I watched this movie amidst common audience. Response is very good. Telugu audience are always there to encourage good films. With this good reception I am looking forward to meet Telugu audience more often with my films. At the same time, I am planning to shoot 50 percent of my film shootings here.

Whom to do you credit Bichchagaadu success too

I don’t believe in heroism. I always believe in practicality and story. Coming to this movie, this success is because of director and story.

What is your reaction after you heard story

I cried immediately after listening to the script. I was moved by the sentiment and emotions of this scipt. Today audience are connecting to same elements. Director Shasi did a fantastic job.

Is there any scene in which you find it hard to act at ?

For this movie, climax scene is very crucial and I have to cry in the whole episode. We shot this for about 2 days and I had to use glycerine. That was tough to shoot. But at the end, that scene came out well.

What are your next projects ?

I am currently working on Saitan and Yamudu projects. After the completion of those, I am planning for a sequel to Dr. Saleem.

Will you score music for other heroes too ?

I am currently producing and acting in three movies per year. At this rate, there is no time left for me to agree outside movies. But the thing is, previously audience were fond of my music, now they are liking me.

That concludes interview with Vijay Antony.