Vijay Devarakonda Interview

Vijay Devarakonda is one of the youngest heroes of Tollywood who tasted stardom with his first two films Yevade Subrahmanyam and Pelli Choopulu which turned out to be blockbusters. His upcoming movie Dwaraka is all set to be released on 3rd of March. On this note Vijay shared some things about his upcoming movie. Let’s see what he said.

Q : How is the movie going to be?
A : The movie will entirely happens in an apartment named Dwaraka. Different people with different personalities are living in that apartment. Some are happy, some are superstitious, some are hopeful, etc.. How Lord Krishna handled each and every one in his Dwaraka is the concept of our movie.

Q : How is your character in the movie?
A : My character name is Erra Seenu. I steal things to make my living. How I became a god to those people in the apartment where I went to steal something and how it changed the situations is my role.

Q : Why is the movie got delayed?
A : Actually the movie was supposed to release the ending by November. But Demonization came just then. So we intended to release the movie only when the rush near the ATM subside and people have cash in their hands. So the movie was postponed to March.

Q : It’s coming after Pelli Choopulu. Have you made any changes?
A : No.. At Pelli Choopulu time except songs, shooting is completed. So we haven’t changed anything. That too I worked with senior team. So I am not in a stage to instruct changes.

Q : What did you liked in the story?
A : I really loved the screenplay. First half is filled with humor and goes on smoothly with one scene after another without any obstacles. I haven’t acted as a thief ever. So I tried this as it will be new.

Q : Did you do any homework for the movie?
A : Yeah I did. First I watched a lot of videos on the YouTube about how a real thief behaves. They are too much and we can’t use them for the movie. So I did what my director said.

Q : Would you have done it even the story came after Pelli Choopulu?
A : Ofcourse, even if the story came to me after Pelli Choopulu, I would have definitely done it. Because I liked the story that much.

Q : How many movies are you doing now?
A : I am currently doing two movies with Geeta Arts. I have another 4 movies. With Geeta Arts I am working with a new director Rahul. I will start my other project with Parasu Ram from next month. I have a project with Nandini Reddy too.

Q : Have you cashed your craze which Pelli Choooulu brought?
A : I would have to say yes. I have increased my renumeration (laugh). I am currently hovering near 1 crore.

Q : What kind of variation have you showed in this movie?
A : I acted energetically in my first movie Evade Subramanyam but acted as a lazy boy in Pelli Choopulu. I am going to be completely different in Dwaraka. So many angles in me will be revealed. My character portrays different kind of Babas in our present society. I am very active in this one.

Q : Are you missing personal life?
A : I am missing personal life being busy with shootings and promotions, nothing more than that. But only discomfort is coming outside. People are asking photos. But they are asking requesting which i am liking very much.

Q : Have you became an actor instead of becoming a director?
A : I haven’t became an actor because i couldnt be a director. At one time i tried to become an actor. If i haven’t became an actor when i turned 25 i thought of becoming a writer or director. I even made a shortfilm. That’s when i got a chance in Evade Subramanyam.