Yakub Memon…Hanged!!

Yakub Memon… who is the culprit for the Mumbai blasts was hanged by the central Government during the High Alert in the country wide. Thursday morning around 6.43 am he was hanged at the Nagpur jail. Before he was hanged they did accomplished his last wishes, then implemented the verdict and the security was tightened outside the Nagpur jail.

In the presence of Judicial Magestrate, jail superintendent, Two constables, DIG of the jail Yakub Memon was hanged and later on officers of the Nagpur jail has officially declared about his hanging.

Before he was hanged he wanted meet his daughter for the last time and also his family members came to see him for the last time too. Late night on Wednesday President rejected his mercy petition, soon after that the officers dropped a message to Yakub Memon’s family. As per his last wish, higher officials at the jail arranged for Yakub Memon to meet his family members. He spent his time with his daughter and rejected taking the food last night. He was hanged at the early hours of 6.43am.